Credit by Examination Classes

Credit by Examination enables students to use their acquired knowledge, abilities, and competence to challenge certain existing courses for units. Credit will be granted to any student who satisfactorily passes an examination approved or conducted by proper authorities of the College. Such credit maybe granted only to a student who is registered at the College and in good standing and only for a course listed in the College Catalog.  Students may obtain a Student Agreement & Application for Credit by Examination form at the Department Office or Service Center for the particular discipline for which he/she is seeking to apply for Credit by Examination.

The following is the list of current courses that may be taken as credit by exam:
AGRI 20 Intro to Plant Science
ANAT 58  Intro to Human Anatomy
ANAT 140  Fundamentals Anat/Physio
ANSCI 20  Basic Animal Science
APTECH 43  Computer Animation
ASTRON 4  Astronomy/Solar System
AUTO 80  Intro Automotive Tech
BBK 50  Computer Bbkg & Acctg 1
BGN 201  Beginning Typing
BGN 203  10-Key Skills
BGN 71  Business English
BGN 81  Practical Business Math 
BIO 10  Intro Prin Biology
CHLD 110.1  Dev Trends/Child Under 3
CHLD 110.2  Dev Trends/Chld 3-5
CHW 150  Into to Comm Hlth Work
CS 50A  Web Development I
CS 57.11  Intro Social Media
CS 60.11A  MS Word, Part I
CS 70.11A  Adobe Photoshop I
CS 74.11 Intro to Digital Media
CS 74.21A  Digital Video Postprod 1
CS 74.21B Digital Video Postprod 2
CS 80.15  IT Essentials I
CS 82.21A  Network Fundamentals
CUL 250  Sanitation and Safety
CUL 252.3  Knife Skills
DET 179  Diesel Foundation
DET 181 Prevent. Maint. & Inspc.
FDNT 10  Elem Nutrition
FDNT 62 Nutr Diet Therapy
FLORS 83A  Beg Floral Design
FREN 1  Elementary French I
GEOG 3  World Regional Geography
GERM 1  Elementary German I
GIS 40  Intro to GIS
HLC 160  Medical Terminology
HLE 5  Health and Wellness
HOSP 50  Intro Tourism Sonoma Co
HOSP 80  Intro to Hospitality
IED 190  Industrial Math
LIR 10  Intro to Info Literacy
MACH 51A  Beg Machine Tool Tech
MATH 1A  Calculus I
METRO 10  Weather and Climate
MUSC 2A  Music Theory I
MUSC 3A  Musicianship I
NR 74.2  Psyc Nurs/Career Laddeer
NRV 51L  Fundmntls/Basic Voc Nsg
PHYSIO 1  Human Physio
SPAN 1  Elementary Spanish I
WTR 110  Water Trtmnt Plnt Operat
WWTR 120  Wastewater Treatment 1